Batik Effects with Masking Fluid

I wanted to share another cool technique you can use with the Fineline Masking Fluid Pen. (Find it in the TOOLS section.) This technique comes from Linda Edkins Wyatt, you may know her as a previous Artistcellar Design Team member. She loves us, what can I say? No complaints!

This technique is a Faux Batik Effect using the Masking pen. You can color the paper first, make sure it's thoroughly dry, add some masking fluid doodles and words, paint over it again, and when you remove the mask, it gives a great batik effect.

Linda also talks about different papers, and which ones work best with the masking fluid. We discussed this a bit, and I found that a thick watercolor paper also works great. I use the Canson 140 lb. watercolor paper, or I rip pages out of the Strathmore Watercolor Journal. I think we have both found that "soft" porous papers absorb the liquid mask too much and the paper tends to rub off with the mask. I also had an issue when I masked off words of an antique book page. The dried out old paper just absorbed the masking fluid and it wouldn't rub off! Oops.

I also agreed with Linda that watercolor paints (regular pan paint, or thinned tube paint) work best. Twinkling H20 paint works great too. A thin fluid acrylic would also work pretty well. Thicker acrylics tend to form a skin which grab onto the mask, so when you remove the mask the paint comes off too. I have found liquid dyes to absorb too much into the paper and under the mask. Any other "dry" color should work if carefully applied (not rubbed in hard enough to remove the mask!) Try pan pastels, or soft chalk pastels, ink pads, etc. Careful application is key.

Linda wrote a blog post all about her experiments and has a lot of yummy pictures showing her work. Check out Linda Edkins Wyatt Blog Post HERE.

Do you have another technique you like to use with the Masking Fluid Pen? Let me know in the comments for a possible blog feature!

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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