Happy Birthday to Lynn K!

As many of you know, Lynn K is an Artistcellar Signature Series Designer of one of my favorite sets of stencils, the Marked Series.

Well, yesterday, September 9th was her birthday and she has a birthday wish to ask. No, she doesn't want cupcakes or presents or even coffee. She is asking for one simple thing, to help someone else rescue dogs and cats. Many of you also know artist Bernie Berlin of A Place to Bark. Well, Lynn's wish is to raise some funds for Bernie so she can continue with her selfless efforts to rescue animals. Lynn has personal reasons. Her little Pooch Carter was a rescue dog from A Place to Bark!

Lynn wrote a post about her story on her blog SMUDGED DESIGN STUDIO.

I know a lot of you are animal lovers and believe in rescuing dogs and giving them another chance at life. Bernie is the most selfless person I know who will do everything in her power to give animals a better life. But she can't do it by herself. She needs help with dog food, warm shelters, people help, and everything else that goes into a rescue that we never hear about. Let's keep Bernie's rescue running!

You can follow the links from Lynn's Blog Post or you can donate directly to A Place to Bark.  Artistcellar just donated, will you do the same? Any amount helps.

Happy Birthday Lynn! XOXO

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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