A Serendipitous Painting with Genea

Hello beautiful souls,

Don't you just love those serendipitous designs? I had one of those experiences for this work of art I am sharing with you now. When I use my Dylusions sprays through a stencil I will usually grab a 4x6 piece of watercolor paper and rub the wet stencil on it to use all of the left over ink. I will set it aside for another project. I was creating a little stenciled card for my boyfriend's sister's Christmas gift so I didn't want to waste the excess ink. I began my piece with using the wet sprayed through hemp flower stencil with dylusions sprays: bubble gum pink, and vibrant turquoise. I layered some distress inks with the flower of life stencil and made what my friend told me was called "flower of life 2" (which is the flower of life layered with the hemp flower pattern). I did some outlining with a uniball white pen to make the layering stand out.

I had originally planned to create a circle to make a face, but my face turned out kinda silly so I painted over it all white with some fluid acrylics. I originally saw a moon, so I guess this is the direction I was supposed to go with the design.

I stamped some gray flower of life pattern onto the moon and used some pastels and charcoal pencil to make some dark around the moon. I had remembered that the 1st of the year full moon was in cancer so I had the brilliant idea to take my already cosmic design and work it into the new year full moon. I am a cancer as well so I was pretty excited to create this design idea. I cut out a crab shape with my cricut machine on watercolor paper as well.

I was already really digging the background so I had the idea to make the crab all galaxy colored spattered with stars with some watercolors and acrylic paint. I decided to add the cancer constellation on top with some gold metallic marker and a black outline with a molotow marker.

I wanted to make some of the stars on the crab pop so I added some extra pearly white drops with the white viva decor pearl pen. When I was finished with the crab I bent the paper and curved the body and legs to give them some more dimension and life. I added some big white drops to the center of the hemp flowers and then a few smaller dots to make little stars for the background. The pearl pens absorb some of the super saturated color of the dylusions inks. The inks are seriously one of my very favorite supplies. They are so super saturated, they bleed and blend really beautifully and they have such cool reactions with other mediums. You will want them all, I swear.

I had remembered I had some super sweet little wooden stars that Christian had picked up for an art project awhile back so I sprayed those with several shimmer mist sprays  and hot glued them to the background piece. The stars were SO amazing I decided to also add them to the back of the crab where the stars were on the constellation taking special care to add a large star to Cancer's brightest star.

Since my crab was so curved I needed to find something big enough to lift it off of the paper so I cut 2 make up sponges at the thickest part and used those to raise the design and hot glue it to the base paper. I was thinking I really wish I had a way to enhance the design on a more solid background since it was getting so 3D and realized I had the perfect size piece of wood on which to back the paper. I painted all the sides gold and used some shimmer mist sprays to incorporate the metallics. I added a little saw tooth hanger and a little felt circle to the back to hang the piece. Here is how it looks on our big art wall in our family room.

What are some serendipitous designs you have come up with from extra art scraps?

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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