A Simple Reflection - with Cristin

Hello again!

Sometimes when I approach my art journal I like to look at it as a place for simple self reflection. Not everything in this place has to be an amazing work of art, right?

So today I pulled out some of my collage papers and used matte medium. Then I used the Artiscellar Diamond Series Stencil: Flanders and the Artistcellar Sacred Geometry 2: Seed of Life with black DecoArt Media Mister.

This created a really subtle effect because I purposely got the stencil a little too-wet.

Once that was dry I used Pan Pastels with the Artistcellar Blocks Series stencil. Pan Pastels and stencils are a match made in heaven!

To finish off, I added some lettering with a white gelly roll pen.

"Be Gentle. You are meeting parts of yourself you have been at war with."

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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