A teeny book in a tiny box with Kirsten

Who doesn't love a cute little accordion book nestled inside a little matchbox? 

For this week's project I took little matchbook-style boxes I found at a certain art and craft supply store and altered them with paint and stencils. 

Here are the supplies I used:

Start out by taking the covers off the boxes and putting a coat of gesso on the top, covering the design. Let it dry a minute then place stencil on top of gesso and use a foam makeup applicator to rub off the gesso showing through the stencil. This is one way that I am able to transfer the actual design of the stencil to my paper. When the gesso is dry use paint pens to embellish the stencil design.

To start the accordion book create a background by scraping two different colors of acrylic paint onto a sheet of watercolor paper. When the paint is dry use the Cathedral Plan stencils with white gesso to add another layer with more texture. Measure the inside of your box and cut the watercolor paper into strips that you will accordion fold to fit in the box. 

Take a ribbon or string of your choice that is long enough to tie around your book. Use a piece of decorative tape and tape it to the inside of your box. Now you can place your book inside your box and tie it up with a bow! 

Have a great week and I hope you try making a mini book to go inside a mini box.


Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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