Arabian Nights and Gel Printing with Briana

Greetings to You!

I am just a weeeeeee bit excited to share my new love with you today.

Do you all know about the 8.5 x 11 inch Arabian Nights Series Stencils available here at artistcellar?

There are so many things I love about these stencils. First of all, the 8.5 x 11 inch stencil size is perfect for the 8 x 10 inch gel printing plate by Gelli Arts. Second of all, the designs of the Arabian Nights Series stencils are fabulous! I didn’t print all of them, but they each have these wonderful open spaces, and gelli printing with them is a pure joy!

To play along, here are the supplies you’ll need:


TIP: Set your Gelli Plate on a smooth, non-porous surface, such as a piece of glass, a Teflon sheet or baking tray

I am right-handed so I set up my work space as follows:

Gelli Plate in the center
Paint above Gelli Plate or to the left of Gelli Plate
Soft rubber brayer to the left of Gelli Plate
Roll off paper to the right of the Gelli Plate (consider stacking several papers)
TIP: Always place your brayer on its back (roller side up) when not in use
Column paper pad within reach
Stencils out of packaging and within reach


  1. Choose two colors of acrylic paint and roll them out on the Gelli Plate
  2. Choose a stencil and place on the Gelli Plate
  3. Place paper over stencil and use hands or brayer to press
  4. Lift paper and see the magic!
  5. Vary these steps in any way that delights you, and keep printing!


First I rolled out yellow and white paint and printed that on the paper. Next I rolled out blue paint, added the stencil, then printed a second layer on the same paper. (There was a short amount of drying time in between).

Next, I put a piece of deli paper on the Gelli Plate to pull a “ghost print”, a print without adding any paint to the Gelli Plate. (See below).

This is the deli paper on the Gelli Plate. (The deli paper already had a yellow print on it).

This is the result of the ghost print on the deli paper once it was lifted off the Gelli Plate.

What you are seeing here is rolled out charcoal gray and periwinkle paint with the Arabian Nights Celestial stencil on top of the Gelli Plate. The paper goes on top.

Roll over the paper with your brayer to create the print.

Lift the paper and see what you created!

Ta Da!

See below for a closer look.

There’s still wet paint to print with, both on the Gelli Plate, and on the stencil removed from the Gelli Plate. Next, I placed a pre-printed piece of deli paper on the Gelli Plate (below left), and the back side of a pre-printed piece of paper over the wet stencil (below right).

And Oh my goodness, I think this is my favorite print of the day! What you are seeing is me lifting the deli paper off of the Gelli Plate. This is a ghost print of the stencil on pre-printed deli paper.

The stencil print on paper looks like this:

I am still feeling pretty jazzed about this one, too!

You know those “junk journals” that us paper collectors love to see and make? Wouldn’t these papers be perfect?!!!!

Alright, one last show and tell.

The Dina Wakley Media acrylic paint works beautifully on the Gelli Plate!

This time I cleaned my brayer on the back of the paper as I pressed to create a print.

I mean, for real! How awesome are these stencils?!!

Time for a ghost print:


What I meant to say is, “I love this!”, and see below for a closer look. ; )


The Arabian Nights Series stencils work well with the 8 x 10 inch Gelli Plate. Gelli Printing is fun and amazing! The creative options are endless. Enjoy!

Blessings and Peace to you,

Briana of



Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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