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Greetings Everyone!

I am in studio clean up mode, and have been making some amazing art supply discoveries! One of which is a set of Art Graf water-soluble graphite that I purchased a couple of years ago. I recently taught Getting Started with Art Journaling at my favorite art supply store, Wet Paint, and they had some Art Graf out for us to play with. I am now totally obsessed.

Since I love doing crayon rubbings with stencils, I knew that something could be done with Art Graf and stencils.

Here’s what I came up with.

Supplies Used:

I placed the set of Art Graf, my sketchbook, stencil, a brush, and a jar of water out on my table.

Here’s what the set of Art Graf looks like:

I placed the Sri Yantra stencil under my paper.

I placed the paper back down, then rubbed a chunk of Art Graf over the area of the stencil.

Now comes the exciting part. Art Graf is water-soluble. So, next, I played with painting in various parts of the stencil rubbing.

I simply dipped my brush into water and started painting.

Here’s another look at my set up.

The ochre Art Graf (as well as the yellow, which I don’t have yet) is so rich and saturated in color!

I continued to play around with adding Art Graf as paint, or just water on the rubbing I created.

Near the end of my work time, I decided to add a little turquoise liquid watercolor over the Art Graf in the corners of the design.

Here’s what I ended up with when it was time to stop for dinner.

There’s a great video on Wet Paint’s website of the Carbon Black Art Graf in action. You can watch it here. The video is by Viarco. If you have extra time, I just discovered a 28-minute video on YouTube about Viarco and the making of Art Graf. It appears to be a Portuguese company, so the video has English subtitles. It is fascinating to watch. Go here, if you want to see more. (Oh, that yellow!)

May you make your own amazing art supply discoveries, and enjoy using them!

Sending Blessings and Creative Vibes,

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Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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