An Art Makeover with Genea

Hello beautiful souls,

Have you ever dug through things you've made and decided they needed a makeover? That is what I did with one of my older coffee cup and coffee bead glass art frames I made awhile back. I decided this piece needed to be refreshed.  I took out a piece of watercolor paper and made some measurements to make sure I covered the right area for inside of the frame's view.

Next I did a layer of watercolors and shimmer water colors.

I wanted to do something super simple and liked the way the half-tone dots stencils stacked and looked like gobstoppers with their layers.  I picked this shape for my frame since I wanted to repeat the dots like on the coffee cup. I also chose the same colors along with a few extras for the design. First I used the largest sized dot stencil and did my layer of lime green.

I didn't want to waste my extra paint so I used a smaller watercolor piece to use up the extra and save for another project.  Next I did aqua with the next smaller dot stencil.

Then dark violet with the next smallest.

I finished with the smallest dot stencil and magenta dots.

A simple enough design, but a little something to spruce up the old frame design. Here is the finished frame.

There were just a few rays of sunlight left so I ran outside to catch them before the sun went down.

What pieces of your art have you re-made into new works?

Love, light, and art,

xoxo Genea

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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