Art With Flowers

For this week's project I wanted to explore color and texture. What better to showcase those two elements of art then with flowers!

Here's what I used:
11x14 burlap
Gelli printing plate
Penrose and Quasi stencils from the Quasicrystals Series Stencils
Dina Wakley acrylics
Colored paper
Artist wax crayons

After a furious gelli printing session I was left with many gorgeously textured papers to choose from to create my beautiful blooms.

The burlap I am using has taped edges and a layer of gesso on its surface.

I cut three different sized circles from each paper and decided from there which ones I wanted to use.

Unfortunately I don't have some progress photos because I got in the flower-makin' zone and forgot. But ya'll understand, yes? I layered colors and cut smaller circles to create more textures for my blooms. I also created a table top on my burlap by painting stripes. My vase is created from a cut piece of paper painted with Dina Wakely acrylics. By placing my "vase" overlapping both the white background and the striped "tablecloth" I am creating the illusion of depth.

I glued down the blooms and leaves with gel medium.

As a finishing touch I used my artist crayons to add lines and patterns to the blooms to decorate them further.

As a last step I carefully removed the tape from the edges of the burlap to reveal the color of the fabric.  Ta-da! Finished and I really love it!

I hope you find some time to play with color and texture this week!

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Artistcellar Admin


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