Brand NEW Face Stencils by Kylie Fowler and Artistcellar!

Hello everyone! I am excited to share the latest stencil series release at artistcellar. It is called Fowler Faces Series, designed by mixed media portrait artist, Kylie Fowler.

You may say, “Oh, I am not a ‘face person.’ ” Meaning, you don’t really like to include faces in your art. Well guess what? That’s me! I am not really a “face person,” either. However, there are always options when you are a “creative person,” am I right?

I decided to get familiar with the stencils by tracing them all onto a large sheet of paper.

I used a regular ballpoint pen.

This simple act helped me warm-up.

Next, I pulled out a set of oil pastels.

I decided to get playful and add funky colors to the faces.

Here are all four of the funky colored faces:

Now that I’ve warmed up, I have ideas of adding to these faces in various ways.

  1. I could cut out a face and glue it to a painted background.
  2. I could then cut out fun hair-like shapes from a magazine and glue them on to the face.
  3. Finally, I might cut out silly clothes from various magazine pages.

Sound like fun?

I hope you’ll give the NEW Kylie Fowler Face Stencils a try, even if you aren’t really a “face person.” Why not go out of your comfort zone a bit and explore?

Sending Blessings and Happy Creative Vibes Your Way!


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Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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