Coffee and Stencils-They Really Do Go Well Together with Briana

Hello, hello! I hope this post finds you well!

I am about to share something a little different from my normal, colorful style. Today, we will use coffee and stencils!

I have been intrigued lately with earth-based pigments. I recently checked out a really cool book from the library by Nick Neddo called The Organic Artist: Make Your Own Paint, Pigments, Prints and More from Nature. While I am a lover of vibrant colors, I also greatly appreciate yellow ochre, various browns, and berry stains on paper. Are you with me?

So, instead of my usual acrylic paint, I poured some leftover coffee into a glass jar, added a little vinegar, and decided to paint with it.

Supplies Used:

Step 1:

Dip your bristle brush into your coffee and use both a round, and up and down, motion to get the color through the stencil.

Step 2:

Remove the stencil and check how the coffee looks. Add some coffee painted doodles of your own, using a round brush.

Step 3:

Use the Pleasantville-Big Sister’s Room stencil, to add some interesting lines.

Note: It’s okay to go over both your painted doodles and the marks from your first stencil. The layering actually ends up looking pretty cool!

Step 4:

Keep playing around until your entire paper is filled with coffee stained stencil layers.

Step 5:

Let your paper dry completely. (It does not take that long.)

Step 6:

Trace a shipping tag as many times as you like onto your background, and cut them out to make your own tags.

Step 7:

Use a hole punch as a final step. Now you are ready to decorate the tags with stamps, ink, fabric, collage paper, washi tape, or pen doodles. Hooray!

I am feeling really excited about how these turned out. I hope you’ll give this coffee and stencils idea a try!

Thank you for being here.

Happy Creating!

-Briana of

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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