Create your own Collage Paper with Kirsten!

One of my favorite ways to make art is with collage. While there are endless commercial papers available with which to create your collage masterpieces I also like to use papers I have decorated myself. Follow along as I create a few sheets of paper to use in a little collage.

Supplies I used:

I am using the marker paper because I have several pads of it in my studio and it needs a new purpose! It is a thinner paper and it holds color well so I believe it will do wellp

After covering the paper with my stencils I generously spray the glimmer spray over them. Then I flipped the stencils over and "stamped" the leftover ink onto the paper too. I then rearranged the stencils and sprayed again.

When the first layer was dry I used an old card and scraped the Ocean and Turquoise DWM paint onto the paper for the second layer. I like how the transparency of the paint shows the underlayer and changes some of the colors.

The final layer is gesso. With all the busyness going on I needed to bring back a neutral color. Using the same stencils and a makeup sponge I applied the gesso. Nice! This is what I am looking for!

I hope you take some time to create your own decorated papers to use in your collages. It adds more of "you" in your artwork and that is always a good thing!

Happy creating!

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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