Cristin's House of Many Colors - Finished!

Hello again!

Over my last few projects, I have been working on the House of Many Colors. I'm thrilled to say that today it is finished!

I had laid some pretty great groundwork over the previous weeks, so today I finished off the inside with acrylic paint and ink sprays. I didn't need to get very fussy here as the inside is really all about the other things I put in - things like crystals, herbs and a treasured painting a friend made for me.

To finish off the outer part of the house I used acrylic paint and very fine detail paintbrush to add small tiny details. 

Here is my House of Many Colors Project, created with a treasure trove of Artistcellar stencils, mixed media supplies like ink sprays and acrylics -- and a whole lot of special items from my collection. Spell jars, crystals, a money turtle, and so on.

What kind of treasures would you put in your House of Many Colors?

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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