Dream A Little Dream … and finish the spread -with Susanne

Hi Artistcellar friends,

Today I was inspired by several art challenges that are about finishing your sketchbook - or simply, finishing the spread.

I showed you single page art journal pages before, and sometime they don’t just ‘seem enough’ by themselves. They ask for a companion.

Here is the left hand side of a single page - I ‘wiped’ my brush out on the left, so there are already some marks on the paper that mirror the right hand page.

I looked through my stash and found some collage pieces that would go with the bird motive from the right side. I glued the collage pieces down with matte medium.

Now I’m bringing my Labyrinth Series stencils out again and using the Anasazi stencil, I add some yellow labyrinth over the collage pieces.

I use my Acrylic Ink to add some drips to the whole page.

Finding another bird, I add it to the page.

and finally, to combine the 2 pages into a spread, I add some of the pink/purple I use on the right side, to the background. And finally added some handwritten text.

And there it is … Dream a Little Dream … and Listen to the Birds spread.

Do you have pages that ask to be made into spreads?

See you next time,


Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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