Dynamite Dye-Na-Flow Mandala with Briana

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Art supplies, especially ones with rich colors, are a true joy.

Have you ever tried Dye-Na-Flow? It is made to work on fabric, but also works on paper! There’s a great description on the artistcellar site listing all of the wonderful options for use. In case you don’t have time to hop over to the artistcellar site, I will quote the description for you here:

Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow Liquid Color

“This little bottle of liquid color is like magic. Originally intended for fabric, it can also be used on paper and in journals! Our favorite way to use this dye is with a water brush! Just take an ink dropper and fill the water brush with the dye, and paint away! Use it for calligraphy, journal writing, painting faces, and whatever else you would use a brush for. You can also put it in the empty Fineline applicator to make scribbles and fine lines in your paintings.

  • 1-1/2 oz bottle
  • Made in the USA"

Today in my Canson XL Mix Media, 9 x 12 inch journal, I created a simple mandala using Dye-Na-Flow. I used it like liquid watercolor.

Here’s what my set up looks like:

I started by creating some circles, rinsing my brush between colors.

I noticed that some of the pigment settled on the bottom of the jar, so you’ll see me go back over those magenta lines again.

Painting circles is so relaxing. It brings about a sense of calm and peace that feels really good to the whole body.

I like how the darker magenta looks over the lighter magenta. Also, when the magenta and yellow touch, it creates a wonderful orange. Take a look in the center of the mandala.

If you are looking for a new art supply with rich color, I highly recommend Dye-Na-Flow. It’s versatile and a pleasure to paint with.

Happy Creating!

Sending Blessings out to you,

Briana of Orange Spiral Arts



Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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