Exploring Art Supplies with the Eternal Knot Stencil by Briana

I am just returning from a week in California. As a Minnesotan who does not travel much, this trip was a huge deal for me. I was out in California, attending the Paint Riot retreat put on by Connie Solera (of Dirty Footprints Studio) and Chris Zydel (of Creative Juices Arts). I really explored my painting and mixed media boundaries. And so, I thought I’d do that again, but on a smaller scale, for this post.

Today, I am working with the Eternal Knot stencil, one of the four included in the NEW Tibet Series stencils.

My goal is to stretch my boundaries, so I am using some art supplies and techniques that are not my norm.


Step 1:

Trace the inside of the Eternal Knot using a black pen.

Step 2:

Doodle designs using the Gelly Roll and Gold Uni-ball pens.

Step 3:

Begin to color in spaces with the CarbOthello pastel pencils.

Step 5:

Create your own unique border around the Eternal Knot.

Step 6:

Use an embroidery needle and thread to hand stitch around the border.

One of the benefits of stitching on thin paper is that when you hold it up to the light, you can see through to your next possible stitch.

Step 7:

Add watercolor inside the spaces in colors that please you.

Step 8:

Add water to any CarbOthello colored areas to blend as desired. (It’s partially water-soluble, meaning you will still see your lines).

Step 9:

Admire your art that is uniquely you!

This whole thing took me about two hours to complete. I anticipate the question that somebody might ask, which would be, “What’s the point?”

Well, here’s my response.

“The point is to immerse yourself in the creative process. The point is to breathe and stretch yourself. The point is to notice which colors sing to your soul. The point is explore unknown materials to see what you can do with them. Each and every exploration is a learning experience. Enjoying the moment is the point.”

May you enjoy many creative moments today and each day, in order to feel your aliveness.

Many Blessings to You,

Briana of OrangeSpiralArts.com


Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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