Fun faces using Pentel Pocket Brush pens with Celia

Hello again everyone! I’m back with more drawings of pretty girls' faces. This time I’m using the Pentel Pocket Brush pen!

This has got to be my favorite brush pen. It has a real brush tip, but it almost felt like I was using a really bendy felt tip at first because the bristles sort of stick together (in a really nice way). It’s really smooth to draw with and always lays down a good solid amount of dark ink. 

The different line weights you can make with it are also impressive! It’s easy to make super fine details and also big thick lines. You also don’t get any streaks like from felt tip pens, and it’s soft enough to not pill/break the paper. 

I’m going to try inking this drawing I made with it. I already took a picture and finished it digitally so no worries if I mess up…

It’s good for fine lines, but no matter how small your lines are if you’re using it slowly or just holding it in place too long the ink will spread/bleed a bit. It’s best for long quick lines - I had a lot of fun using it for the lines in the hair.

It doesn’t soak through the paper too much, my paper is pretty thin and the back is only a little darker where I was really heavy on the ink.

Since it’s good for quick lines, I got the idea to do some practice faces! To practice making lines without sketches underneath, the placement of features, drawing quickly… I filled up a few pages with some of these funky faces.

This pen is also so much fun to use. It’s so smooth and inky. I think it also comes with a few replacement ink packs so I don’t have to worry about running out of ink.

I bet that it would also be amazing for calligraphy. I’m not too good at calligraphy without sketching underneath, especially because I’m a leftie. Since we write from left to right, it's like pushing the brush instead of pulling it, and then the ink gets all over my wrist. :( Fun fact: I think I learned in sixth grade that Leonardo Da Vinci was also a leftie and he did all his writing backwards/mirrored. Maybe I just need to learn how to do that! 

Have a nice end of the summer everyone!

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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