Genea's Big Adventure!

Hello beautiful souls!

I had an amazing time at our regional area Burning Man event in Wichita, Kansas called, Resonance. I had the opportunity to share some art and paint on people with body paints. Here is a piece I did on my new friend, Brandy's leg using the Flower of Life stencil and Crown Chakra Pocket Stencil. I used my body paints along with a little bit of mineral make up eye shadow to add some sparkle. Pretty sweet, eh?

There was another artist we met there that was also from Kansas City. She is a professional body painter and her gift to the burn community was painting on people! Here you can see the awesome work she did on myself and Christian.

For the last night she painted on everyone with uv reactive paints so that we all glowed in the dark! I asked her to paint Christian and me similarly :)

It's another week of fun with tiny wearable art! I had some much better success with my heat gun this round!

How cool are these?! I had a great time using the Blocks Series and Sacred Geometry 2 Series stencils. I mean how cool is it to not only make mini art, but mini art you can wear?! 

I just wouldn't be me if I didn't take my art style and repeat it in different mediums. I did the same awesome labyrinth style as my labyrinth lotus, but on the shrinky dinks for a pendant as well! I am absolutely smitten by the Labyrinth Series stencils.

I even had my studio MMM (Mixed-media man) studio mate back to making some art with me.

He was back at it with his unique style he calls "stretch painting".

Life is pretty fantastic when you get to not only make art, but to share it with someone you love! What is your latest favorite design to create? Whom do you like to join you in your studio?

Love, peace, and art,


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