Genea's Face Stencils and Spray Play!

Hello beautiful souls,

Wow did we get some awesome new toys to play with this round! I am totally and utterly OBSESSED with the dylusions ink sprays! These sprays are so lusciously saturated with pigment is makes my eyes so happy they could just eat up all that color! Let me show you what I mean....

The awesome thing about these sprays is they do all sorts of amazing things. Here I just misted a few sprays of  dylusions bubblegum spray and dylusions vibrant turquoise sprays. As you can see it made purple where they overlapped. They are very reactive with water which is super cool. I used the hemp flower stencil and sprayed water through the stencil to get this kind of ghost look.

I love this stencil. I seriously use it in like all of my pieces lately. I love the intricacy of it.  Like I said, these inks react with water pretty intensely.

I dipped my paintbrush in water in then squeezed a big fat drop onto the piece and then let the water run down the length of it. You can see how white it got where the original drop was placed. I generally add my water drops all over the piece and then when I am down I hold it up right and let the water run down. I used the following dylusions sprays in this piece: bubblegum, vibrant turquoise, and black marble. I used the following stencils to create shapes in my layers: hemp flower, celestial, constellation, and Kylie Fowler faces stencil. I just love the pretty faces in this set :) 

I really had a hay day and just kept making, and making, and making these fun 4x6 originals. I didn't waste any of the spray either. When I used the spray to spray through the stencil I used the wet stencil and pressed it onto a piece of watercolor paper and set it aside. No sense in wasting anything, right?!

I found that when you spray water through the stencil all over even the white open spaces will get some ink onto them and create this awesome look. After I did the face in black, I sprayed water through the stencil. You can see some of the star prints on her face. I then used the dylusions fresh lime to add some color in the white spots. Next I took some dylusions: crushed grape, and vibrant turquoise with the: arabian nights series stencils. I had these embossing powders that have been sitting on my work table for ages and I decided to pull them out and play with them. These are SO old. Seriously I think they are from the early 90's when stamping and embossing guns were popular for awhile. I think I was gosh, like in middle school?!?! Anyways, it was super fun to pull them out and play. I love how they look and they give some nice texture and layers to this piece.

I pulled out some other texture pieces and paints for this next piece. I used Dina Wakely's paint, some green yellow inka gold, and vibrant turquoise dylusions paint. For the dylusions sprays I used: bubble gum, and tangerine dream.

Lastly I thought I really botched this last one only to have it turn out absolutely amazing after stopping at a certain point and then coming back to it in the morning.

I used a bunch of dylusions sprays to create the base layer and then used bubble gum, and vibrant turquoise dylusions paint pushed through a stencil with my fingers. As you can see it bled through the stencil and made it all blurry. It reminded me of an 80's music video lol. I was like "Ewww"... lol. I set the piece down and came back in the morning. I decided to use some black paint through the stencil over the top of the blurry paint to make some more detailed lines. I added some white details to the eyes and traced some stars through the arabian nights stencils to create some layers and details with a gelly roll pen.

Wow what a difference! I actually fell in love with the piece after this! I set it aside feeling happy with the design until realizing I was slightly obsessed with embossing powder as well and had to add some for some extra texture and details. I used the chartres stencil. 


Here are some shots of 4 of the 4x6 originals I made. I really enjoyed leaving them littered all over my art area as I made more. There is something magical about being surrounded by beautiful art you created *dreamy sigh*


How do you use your dylusions sprays?

Love, light, and creativity, 

xoxo Genea

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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