"Her Favorite Dreams were of Flying" by Kitty

Hello everyone! 

Hope everyone is safe and healthy during these crazy times. Hats off to the protestors fighting for much needed change. My anxiety will not allow me to join in the demonstration, but I hear you. I see you.  I am with you.  

This project was started awhile ago, but I finally got her done!  I started with mixed media paper, spraying a few different oxide colors in blue and green thru a couple stencils.  I used 'Paris' from Artistcellar's Cathedral Series on the grass and 'Romans' from the Textures Series in the sky.

Since I've been so wound up lately with everything going on the world,  I decided to go the easy route and use some collage images from Crowabout StudioB. I needed a little whimsy in my life and her images never disappoint. 

To create a fun & easy border,  I used the outside edge from one of the Halftone Dots stencils to paint bright red half circles along the perimeter of the paper.  

Now is the Zen part of any project--adding doodles, outlines, & shading with colored pencils.  I added the quote "Her Favorite Dreams were of Flying" and called her done!

Much love to you all.  Stay safe!


Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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