Keeping it Simple with Shana

Hello my lovely lovelies!! I am here again to show you the fun I have been having playing once again with the Blocks Series stencils.

I really do love this set, I think they are my new favorite! 

I dont know what it is about this set but they make it so easy for me to keep white space in my journal spread.

My supply list is an easy one, Matte medium, Dylusions spray ink, my Faber-Castell 4B water-soluable pencil, Dina Wakely white acrylic paint and of course my journal and stencils.

I started out by prepping my page with Matte medium, I decided to coat it so that the spray inks wouldn't soak into the paper so much. I used the ink with a brush instead of the the sprayer to get a different look. I simply dipped my brush into the bottle and smooshed it through the stencil, when my brush started to dry out I dipped it in a bit of water to continue creating a gradual muting of the color through the stencils.

After looking at the pages I decided only to work on one side of the 2 pages and I was concentrating on keeping it simple. I used my Faber-Castell water soluble pencil to sketch out a simple face blurring the hardness of the line with a damp brush. When I wanted a bolder line I would wet the surface then use the pencil on the damp surface.

To add more depth to the face, I used white paint to add highlights to the cheekbones, nose, eyes and shoulder. The paint reactivates the spray ink so it takes a few layers if you want a pure white.

After much play I decided that she would be an angel and added wings, again using the pencil and white paint.

I think my self-challenge of trying to make simple uncluttered pages is progressing well. Someday with practice I will get it to a point that I feel I have the knack of it down to a skill!

Keep creating my lovelies!!!

Big hugs and mushies!

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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