Kirsten puts the heat on foam blocks and stencils!

It looks like Briana and I are on the same wavelength! I also played with the Blue Moldable Stamp but I paired it with the Crete stencil from the Labyrinth series and Dye-na-flow colors. If you like mixing colors and happy accidents then grab your heat gun, a pad of watercolor paper and join me!

But first, a quick note on what didn't work for me. After creating my stamp I sprinkled a little Dye-na-flow on a non-stick craft mat and patted and swirled the stamp in the colors, then pressed it onto the paper a few times. Results were fair. The colors were over mixed for my taste but some texture from the stamp came through.

Now for what worked....

Using separate brushes paint the colors onto the stamp and let them mingle a smidge as you tilt the stamp in different ways. Don't let them mix too much and be careful or the dye will drip off the stamp!

Be bold as you quickly turn the block over and press it onto your paper. There will be more color and less stamp design for that first print. You can get a few more prints by lightly misting the color left on the block with water and stamping again. These prints will have more stamp detail and some interesting color mixing.

I sure had fun making little blocks of color magic and they turned out great! Now, what can you do with them? Layer more goodness on them with inks, colored pencils, collage, paint, you name it! Turn them into Artist Trading Cards, create a mini accordion book, use them as an embellishment on a handmade greeting card, incorporate it into a mixed media artwork or an art journal page.

Here is one I embellished with colored pencils, a quote and Photoshop!

If you make your own please share them over on Artistcellar's Facebook page so we can see all the lovely color and stencil magic!

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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