Layers are Fun-More Gelli Printing with Briana

Hello to You!

I’ve got some more Gelli prints to share with you, using the Arabian Nights Series stencils by artistcellar.

Here’s what my beginning set up looks like:

I mostly used the Dina Wakley Heavy Body acrylic paints for the following prints.

As far as the printing process, I was experimenting with keeping the stencil on the Gelli plate, and printing on deli paper (aka dry wax paper).

In the image below, I had already printed yellow. Now I am about to print a magenta color.

With the thin deli paper, it’s nice because you can touch and see where the paint is coming through the stencil onto the surface of the deli paper.

You can always lift up a corner to check things out, too.

Next, I rolled out a midnight blue color.

Just for fun, below are few photos of layered and printed deli paper, sitting on top of other stenciled prints. There are many semi-transparent options to explore when playing with deli paper!

Happy Gelli Printing, Stenciling, and Layering!

Many Blessings,

Briana of

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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