Making Gifts for Friends -with Genea

Hello beautiful souls,

Don't you love making gifts for friends? I always get the best ideas when I do! This new design is no exception. So first let's take a step back and see how this idea came about. Do you all remember my Labyrinth Lotus petals I made in the very beginning?

I did these super intricate petals using the Chartres Labyrinth stencil. I think it has to be one of my all time favorite stencils. Not only is the design gorgeous, but it's so incredibly detailed! Once the petals were done I assembled it into my very first lotus.

Next I moved onto the 4x6 art cards I created to gift at Resonance, our Wichita, Kansas regional burning man event.

I had so much fun taking this design and creating so many beautiful things. These cards were fun to create because they were a nice quick and beautiful piece of art to hand out. 

After that I had the brilliant idea to create a functioning light with the lotus design so I decided to create the labyrinth lotus design on some small paper lanterns.

I must admit I didn't finish the string of 10 lanterns after creating this one. The design was very beautiful, but it took so long to create each lotus and they ended up pretty large. I was only able to get 2 layers of petals attached to them just to keep their size moderate.

After that I had the brilliant idea to make this art wearable! Yay! A little ode to my  art jewelry making that was my primary method of making a living for 12 years.

Here you can see the pendant before I shrunk it down into it's tiny version.

Next I added this little beauty to some recycled sari silk and attached an adjustable clasp.

So what was this new idea? Well I decided to jump back to the petal design so, of course I HAD to use greens and blues. My friend's favorite colors are: purple, pink, and blue. Here you can see our pendants side by side.

I took this shot in my hand so you could see their size shrunken down

Now for the finale.........

I added my friend's petal to some gorgeous matching recycled sari silk cord and added some adjustable chain and a crystal dangle to finish it off. 

How do your designs evolve? Do you love the first design or the last the best?

Love, and light,


Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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