Mixed Media Card with Marrian Piers

I love combining more than one stencil on a card, and with Artistcellar you can get such fantastic designs using only part of a stencil.

Let’s look at how to make this mixed media, collage card.

First cut a piece of Neenah Classic Crest card stock to measure 4 ½” square and tape it onto a piece of scrap paper. Then take the Paris stencil from Artistcellar's Cathedral Series and tape it in place over the card stock. You just don’t want the stencil to shift around while adding ink.

Next, you’ll need some Distress Oxide inks in Candy Apple to add to only the right side of the stencil. You want your inking to be fairly uneven as opposed to one half being stenciled and the other not. Remove the stencil and wipe clean. Dry the ink and then stamp over the card with a script stamp.

Place the stencil back over the card stock making sure to align it with your stenciled image. Then add some gel medium in gloss, scraping the gel using an old loyalty or gift card over the part of the stencil with the red ink. Remove the stencil again and wash with warm soapy water to get rid of the gel.

Dry the gel medium with a heat gun, making sure to move it around quickly to avoid making bubbles form.

Take another ink pad of Distress Oxide in Black Soot and using a foam applicator apply the foam over the stenciled area so that you fill in the blank spots with the ink. You can see that I added black ink outside of the red area to make it look more organic. Take a paper towel and wipe away any excess black ink that is on the red, gelled areas.

Next take some watercolor paint and add some light blue along the edge of the Black Soot and some green splatter of watercolor paint onto the left side of the card. You’re looking for an uneven application here.

You can add another stencil with dots or any small pattern onto the left side of the card stock with some metallic paste. Nuvo Mousse in gold was scraped through this stencil to make the gold circles.

Lastly, stitch on some beads along the line of black. You can achieve this by making punctures with a piercing tool or ball head pin in a few places. Thread a beading needle with thread and tape the thread on the back of the card stock piece. Come up from the back in the first puncture you made, and slip a black bead onto the thread. Then go right back into the hole you just came out of and pull taut. Since the bead is larger than the puncture you made, it gets anchored onto the card front.

Cut out some accent layers of cardstock for the final card. The black piece measures 5” square, and the blue metallic card measures 5 ¼” square. Glue all layers onto a card base that measures 5 ½” square when folded in half.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to use stencils with cards, sign up on the waitlist for the Stencil Master Class at startcardmaking.com. While there you can also sign up to receive free, weekly projects sent each Tuesday to your inbox.

Hope to see you there!

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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