Modeling Paste + Stencil with Briana

Hello, Everyone! I hope you are doing well today!

I am about to share a technique that is fun to do, but takes a little more drying time. Are you ready?

Supplies Used

First, I typically like to use techniques that dry right away. I tend to be impatient when it comes to wet paint. If you are like me, it is possible to use a heat tool. Second, the textured result is so worth the extra wait time. I hope you’ll give it a try!

Step 1:

Mix up some modeling paste and acrylic paint on your palette. TIP: It helps if your acrylic paint is thicker than the inexpensive craft paint. In other words, a heavy body acrylic paint works best.

Step 2:

Use a palette knife to spread the modeling paste and paint mixture through a stencil of your choice.

Here I am using the Japanese Geometric: Seven Jewels stencil by artistcellar.

Note: I chose not to put paint through the entire stencil. I did this to keep within the round shape I had previously painted.

Step 3:

Remove the stencil by lifting from one corner. Set your painting aside to dry for an hour or more. Drying time depends upon your climate, as well as how much paint you used. Note: Rinse the stencil right away under running water, or place it in a tub of water. Do this to avoid the modeling paste from sticking to your stencil and drying there. This is one of the only times I “clean” my stencils. You could also try using a baby wipe, but it will likely be kind of a mess, with all that paint and paste.

Since I had extra paint on my palette, I decided to grab the altered book I just started.

Here’s a little BONUS sneak peek. I did the same technique described above, only in an altered book. I also applied paint to the right side of the page spread using the palette knife.

In case you are wondering about modeling paste, there are many brands on the market. It is sometimes spelled “modelling,” and it is sometimes called molding paste. Each medium has the same purpose of adding texture to a surface.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Have tons of fun with your mixed media supplies!

Creatively Yours,

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Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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