One Day at at Time with Cristin

Hello all!

Right now, I'm going through a difficult time, so for today's project I wanted to create something motivational that I could hang up in my room. 

Like a motivational poster - but not the cheesy kind.

Anyway, I grabbed the biggest piece of watercolor paper I could find - (about 2 feet wide x 3 feet tall) and set out to make a poster. 

To start, I reached for the Artistcellar Sacred Geometry stencil set in the 12 x 12 size. I also grabbed some ink sprays from DecoArt Media and Adirondack Color Wash sprays. Here, I just started playing with color.

It's fun to layer the stencils and watch the different colors run together and drip.

Once I had that pretty saturated I let it dry, and then added some black paint. In hindsight, I wish I would have used a brighter color -- but hey, the contrast is cool!

To finish off, I added some lettering with a paint brush. I will be the first to admit this isn't my best lettering ever. I was shaky and it just didn't work out like it usually does - but, I'm keeping it. Because it's MY writing. It took a long time to embrace my own handwriting, but now that I have I wouldn't change it. I encourage you to embrace yours, also!


To finish, I added some splatters with white paint on a really wet paintbrush.

Ta-da! I'm going to go hang this up and remember to take things "one day at a time."

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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