Pet Portrait with Shana

Hello lovely lovelies!

Want to know my favorite part of being creative? It's when I can create something for someone that makes them smile.

This week I want to share a piece I have created for my friend Pan. She is a wonderful person who recently lost a beloved Newfoundland named Misha.

Because Misha was camera shy there weren't really any good pictures of her face so I volunteered to make some art of Misha.

To create this I decided to use my favorite medium - my Koi watercolors on hotpress watercolor paper. I love how I can layer the koi colors and how bold they are. Since most of Misha's face is black I really needed to use layers of color to create some highlights to give structure. I also went in with my white gel pen to create the illusion of fur. 

And then to add more fun and interest I always grab my artistcellar stencils in this case I used my Jill Berry texture series to finish up the piece.

I really hope my friend Pan enjoys this piece as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Big hugs and mushies to you!

Shana banana

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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