Pocket Stencils on a Card and an Art Journal Page by Briana

Hello Lovely Creative Folks, I created a couple of things, using a lot of artistcellar products. I am so excited to share my playtime with you!

First, I am using the Virtues Words-Pocket Stencils.

There are four words, and I am using three of them: Faith, Hope, and Grace. Don’t those words just make you feel a little warm and fuzzy inside? With that feeling in mind, I created a greeting card.

I set the three virtue words of Faith, Hope, and Grace out on a blank card. Then I sprayed them twice; once with bubblegum pink Dylusions spray ink, then with Adirondack Sailboat Blue spray dye. See the photos below:

I rolled up the extra ink with some paper towels. (I learned that trick from a Dina Wakley video, I think). 

Next, I cleaned off the inked up stencils with a baby wipe on top of a blank page in my art journal. (I will be showing more on that in a minute.)

I set the journal aside to work on the greeting card. Note: I sort of worked on the card backward. It works okay to turn it inside out, but it’s not what I intended to do. Just a little heads up for you to NOT follow my example.

Alright, let’s pull out the NEW Distress Crayons by Tim Holtz.

The Distress Crayons say they are water-reactive, which they are. However, they didn’t do what I expected them to do, based on other water-soluble products I’ve used. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, because it’s good to have a variety of art supplies that do different things. Anyway, water-reactive is different from water-soluble, just FYI. To get the look I wanted, I added a little fluorescent red liquid watercolor by Blick.

I think it is at this point that I realized my card is backwards. (I should have worked on the right-hand side for it to be the front of the folded card). You know, sometimes art making is problem solving. I decided to decorate the inside, so that the card could be folded in or out. Ta Da! A joyful solution!

I have been eager to try the fine tip applicators that are made for the Dina Wakley heavy body paint tubes.

This is my first attempt at using them.

I had a few questions after I tried them, and thought this video by Dina Wakley on YouTube might be helpful for you, too:

“Dina Wakley Introduction to the Fine Tip Applicator”

I used some Dina Wakley paint and played with the Distress Crayons some more. (I kind of couldn’t leave the Distress Crayons alone. I really wanted to get the hang of using them, as I love bright colors!) Pictured below, the right-hand side is the new front of the card, if I choose to fold it that way.

Now back to the art journal page. Like I said, I really couldn’t leave those Distress Crayons alone.

Both the Distress Crayons and Dina Wakley paint have a really soft and smooth texture to them. You’ll have to try them yourself to understand what I mean. I really enjoyed spreading the yellow paint around with my fingers.

I finished things up with a little more color and paint to get this cheerful journal page!

In summary, there are sooooo many great supplies available at artistcellar.com.

I love the AC Pocket Stencils, the Dina Wakley paints, the spray inks, and the NEW Distress Crayons. I hope you feel inspired to give some of these awesome supplies a try in your card making, art journaling, or other mixed media projects! 

Blessings to You!

Briana from OrangeSpiralArts.com




Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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