Problem Solving and Card Making -by Genea

Hello creative souls,

I'm excited to tell you about some of my findings. I consider myself to be an artistic alchemist. I'm sure you remember the many shrinky dink pendants I have been posting over the last few weeks.

I used the Sri Yantra and Seed of Life stencils for these pendants. I sold these pendants to a customer and she ended up wearing them painted side down. Even though the pendants were treated with 2 coats of  Krylon spray fixative her  perspiration, and body oils smeared and removed some of the painted surface.  I personally had not had any problems with my pendants as I wore them with the painted side up leaving the art altered side of the pendant away from the moisture and oils of my skin. So I got to work trying to come up with another way to seal the pendants and make them more resistant to the toughest of jewelry wearers. 

Here is what I found out.

As you can see I used some Mod Podge Dimensional magic, some matte Mod Podge, and some Krylon Kamar Varnish (what I used for the original pendants). The Dimensional Magic gives them a pretty shiny nice protective layer, but it gives it a "wet" look and takes the color and sparkle out of the original design. The matte Mod Podge leaves a dull shine, but still has that "wet" look and leaves the pendants looking rather drab. As you can see the original way I sealed the pendants with Krylon  Kamar Varnish is the most beautiful.  So I suppose you were expecting some remarkable conclusion to my experiment, but as you can see if just came full circle back to the beginning treatment as being the best choice. 

Do you ever come up with some of your best ideas when you are making a gift? This is totally the case for me as you have seen in my past blogs. I came up with this new awesome design when I was creating a "thank you" card for one of my customers. I rebranded my business as "Third Eye Gypsy" so I thought I would make some awesome third eye cards to send my customers with a nice hand written note when they place an order.  I used the amazing Seed of Life stencil and the Third Eye chakra pocket stencil. I have this nifty Martha Stewart thingy that you use to make fancy creases to your paper to create cards and such.

I then cut the cards with scissors.

Next I used the Seed of Life stencil and some gorgeous gold ink. Next I taped down my Third Eye stencil and instead of doing a solid color of distress ink I decided to use 3 (Hooray for color!) 

Just look at how pretty the multi-colored third eye stencil looks over the gold. I love how you can see the gold "ghost" through  the layers.

The design was so pretty as it was, but I thought I would use a layer of black outlining the eye to make it more dramatic by using a Molotow marker.

I can't really decide which one I like best. Maybe I will just make half outlined and half not outlined.

Which one is your favorite?

Love, light, and creativity,


Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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