Rockabilly and Polka Dots! -Shana

Oooo!!! I am so glad to be back home with all my art supplies! Oh... and... um... I missed my husband too. Tee Hee!

I love my acrylic paints, all brands regardless of viscosity. The problem is they are not very compact when flying so I settled for my watercolors while I was in Wisconsin visiting. I also missed all my wonderful stencils! They make it easy to add interest to a page either as a focal point or a background.

For this weeks blog piece I decided to get my inspiration from my Artful Journeys prompts #199 Polkadot and #205 Rockabilly. Not only did it save me some time trying to figure out what to paint, it also gave me a reason to paint a face!

I started by getting one of my mixed media journals and sketching out my Rockabilly girl using my Generals Scribe all pencil.

I love this pencil because it is water soluble to I can use it in a variety of ways, I can use it as I have here, with watercolors for shading or with other mixed media blended with light color acrylics to add contrast and shadows.

I then used acrylics to paint the background and the face. To really make her pop I used the largest "Shadow" Dot Halftone Dot Series stencils to add the pattern to the back ground.

I continued to paint the girl and realized the background was a bit blah.

Yea... blah.

So to remedy the blah-ness of it I went in with all but the smallest of the set of the Halftone dots, adding blue and white.

I think that little bit of added color from the stencil made her pop and made the background more interesting to look at with out taking away from the page.

I missed my stencils so much while I was gone!

Big hugs and Mushy stuff!

Watch the video to see my full process!



Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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