"Simply Art" Art Journal Tutorial by Shana

Hello my Lovely little squish monkeys! What is a squish monkey? I have no clue, but doesn't it sound cute? Lol!

Guess what I get to do this weekend?! I get to meet the wonderful Lisa! I will be doing demos using the soon to be released stencils and old favorites for Art Unraveled here in Phoenix! I am so lucky! if you're around come and say hi!

Okay, so for today I planned on spending wonderfully laborious hours creating a journal page, I was very excited to get started using one of my favorite Stencils from the Water Series, Surf. But alas, the stencil made the page come together so quickly and too my liking that I spent only about 30 minutes creating the page!

I love how the page turned out and it is a perfect soothing page to be the 1st page to look at in my journal.

The page was very easy to do the 1st step was to grab my Adirondack spray, I held the stencil about an inch away from the page and sprayed the page. This creates the nice misty loose shape.

I then went in with the same spray and stencil and just used it on the bottom  of the page so that the detail of the stencil really showed.

I originally chose to use the Adirondack spray because I thought it wouldn't reactivate with water, but I was wrong. It actually worked in my favor though! I grabbed my Dina Wakley paint in Lapis and finger painted the upper half of the page, creating and uneven layer of paint, the color ended up being full of depth because the paint reactivated the spray.

I then went in white and created clouds in my sky and used the lapis and white in the water and created this wonderful page that is complete on its own, I am so happy with the simplicity of this page!

Thank you Artistcellar for this awesome stencil!

Big hugs and Mushy stuff!! 

- Shana Banana

If you would like to watch the video of my process check out my video below!

"Simply Art" Art Journal Tutorial featuring Artiscellar stencil

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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