Shana's 100 days of Art Challenge!

Hello my lovely Lovelies!

For this weeks post I would like to share what I have been working on for the last (about) 2 weeks! I decided I would challenge myself to be part of the #100daysofart that so many people are participating in. The only problem that I had was being inspired on a daily basis! So I decided I would do some animal art, but I do not choose the animals, I have been letting the wonderful people who follow my art give me lists of animals and I use that list every day! The biggest challenge? I do not practice before I do a live stream on youtube, so you can see how I work through the challenges!

I have created all of these watercolor painting in my Jane Davenport Hot Press watercolor journal, using my Koi Watercolor Pocket Field Sketch box, a white gel pen, posca pen, Generals Scribe all, Jane Davenport Incredible pen and colored pencils, and though you may not see it, in most of them I also used Artistcellar stencils!

To create a bit of fun and random bits of color on most of them I would lay down my stencil and use them to add some color in the pages before I started the piece. I then painted the animals letting some of those fun and whimsical colors show through. Above and below are some of the animals I have created, and at the end will be the link for the Raccoon I created yesterday! There is nothing more challenging than challenging yourself! Keep creating! xMwah!

To see the Raccoon Live stream:


Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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