Spray Ink and Stencils with Briana

When you are short on time but would like to make an exciting background page in your journal, I’ve got an idea for you! It involves a little bit of mess and a lot of fun!


The Process

I love to make backgrounds in my journal. I have so much fun playing with acrylic paint. I sometimes smoosh paint together, you know, like how you made butterflies in kindergarten. Or, the fabulous and wonderful Gelli Plate is another great tool for smooshing paint into your journal. You just use that plate like a big ol’ stamp and flump! Your print is made!

So, I am working on a two-toned yellow background that I made in my journal using the Gelli Plate technique I just described.

Next, I am pulling out two of the 12" x 12" Water Series stencils and laying them across the page spread.

As you may be able to see, I am doing all of this inside a large, rectangular Amazon box. (You may need to order a gigantic art book to get this size, or maybe a long calendar would do the trick??)

Anyway, working inside a box like this helps to keep the wild and crazy spray ink somewhat in control. Please note that I said, “somewhat in control.”

Once the stencils are ready, grab a couple of spray ink colors that will play nicely together.

I choose a magenta and blue. You can see some of the lovely purples that they made in the upper right corner.

Once you’ve sprayed your two colors a few times, you’ll need to sop up some of the ink. You can either use a roll of paper towels or a stack of folded towels.

Many mixed media artists like to keep these beautiful towels and repurpose them into their art, once they are dry. The color is pretty spectacular!

Now it’s time to see how things turned out. Remove the stencils, and either clean them with a baby wipe, rinse them under water, or just let them dry. Most spray ink is reactivated by water, so I usually use a baby wipe or rinse under running water.

I am in love with how these pages look right now. The colors and contrast, as well as the patterns from the stencils, makes me really happy.

Below are some shots of each individual page.


I did let you know that using spray ink is messy, didn’t I?

If you are afraid of the spray ink staining your skin, I am here to tell you that it does wash off after a few sessions of soap and water. You may want to use it before you take a shower or something, just in case it makes you nervous. After washing your hair, you’ll be all good.


Spray ink and stencils are really fun to use together.

The Hot Tip of the Day:

Work inside a large rectangular cardboard box when using wild and crazy spray inks.

The layering of acrylic paint, then spray ink over stencils, creates a dynamic background ready for collage, lettering, or other fun ideas you may have.

Thank you for being here today!

Happy Creating!

Blessings to you,

Briana of OrangeSpiralArts.com

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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