Stamp Carving Whimsy! by Kirsten

Hello Creatives! Today I played with a Speedball Lino Cutter, some speedy carve rubber and Dina Wakley's new paint colors. I love the results!

To start I sketched several ideas and decided to make house designs. After creating a few I really liked I traced the designs onto tracing paper with a regular ol' pencil. To transfer the designs to the rubber I simply put the tracing paper on the rubber with the graphite face down on it and used my finger to gently rub the back of the designs. Easy peasy!

Using a small v shaped blade I cut my designs and then used a utility knife to slice down the rubber and separate the roofs from the body of the houses. 

To print I squeezed a pea-sized amount of paint onto a paint palette and used a brayer to smooth it out to a thin layer. I could then tap my stamp into the paint and then stamp onto some white paper. 

I was pleased to find the roofs and bodies could be interchangeable!! Woohoo!

These designs have many possibilities. I could make handmade cards for all types of occasions by just changing the colors and adding simple details. Here I doodled around the houses: 

 I hope you try making your own stamps! What designs would you create?

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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