Stencils + Alcohol Inks + Doodles

Hi Everyone,

A little bit ago, I shared a tutorial on how to use alcohol ink with stencils.

I continue to experiment with that idea, and now I have added doodles to some of my stenciled papers. These were created for my new online class, Introduction to Abstract Alcohol Ink Art. You can get a free lesson by joining my newsletter from my OrangeSpiralArts Instagram account. Click the link from my profile to see the FREE offer.

This post will be a quick look at some art, paired with the stencils I used.

Exhibit A

Here I have used one of the Traditional Japanese series stencils called Ocean Waves.

Here’s a closer look for you.

Exhibit B

I absolutely love the Quasicrystal Series of stencils. In particular I love the stencil shown above called “Quasi”.

Here’s the stencil over the art, and below is a picture showing how I have added color in the white spaces of the stencil.

Finally, I created one more piece using the Quasi stencil. Did I mention that I love this stencil?

What is special about this one, too, is that I used gold alcohol ink. I highly recommend getting a metallic alcohol ink color.

For those of you who really appreciate shiny things, here’s a good close up.

Alcohol inks are so fun due to their naturally vibrant nature and fluidity. I hope that you will take a look at my free lesson, and if you like what you see, join the full three-week online class!

Sending Blessings out to you!

-Briana of



Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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