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Hello my Lovely Lovelies!!! I am so excited to share today's arty fun with you! I actually created this piece on March 16, which is my Birthday! Yay me! Lol! I also am getting to share how I used the new Artistcellar Quilt series stencils

As soon as I saw these beautiful stencils I knew immediately that I wanted to create something that incorporated my family history. I have an AMAZING family and these stencils reminded me of a speech my Auntie made about how quilts helped aid runaway slaves to safety and freedom. My family is of (MUCH) mixed ancestry and are known as the Cheyenne Valley settlers. They were one of a few integrated communities that lived peacefully without prejudice with integrated schools, churches, and helped each other in times of need. Also one of my Ancestors was know for the round barns that can be found all around the area. My family history on my paternal side is fascinating! If you would like to read more you can search for Cheyenne Valley Settlers Wisconsin. 

I love that I created this piece about my history on my birthday, it grounds me, and once again makes me realize how lucky I am to have been raised within a family that didn't judge based on skin color. I still have a hard time comprehending how people can do that. 

To create this piece I used both the Mini Quilt Pocket stencils and the 6 x 6 Quilt series stencils, I painted the a brick round barn with some simplified Wisconsin scenery in the background using my Koi Watercolor field kit on Strathmore Coldpress watercolor paper. I decided to use the 6x6's to create some fun quilt shapes in the sky. I then used the pocket stencils to put quilts hanging out on the line to dry. For the last step I used my White Gel pen to add some bright white contrast throughout the piece!

I am so happy with how this turned out! I would have liked it without the use of the new stencils, but the stencils made the whole piece feel more homie and they add just that little bit of detail the bumps it up from like to love!

Big Hugs and Mushies to you!

Shana Banana

P.S. I do not have the video completed yet (its my birthday! I'm gonna go play some bingo!) but hope to get it completed soon!