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Hello loves!  How is everyone handling the quarantine?  I'm glad NTI homework is finished because Momma has more time to play!!

I have this gorgeous Sacred stencil from the Sacred Hearts Series from Artistcellar that reminds me of the beautiful Mexican Folk Art shrines.  I'm not really religious, but I love the bright colors and skulls so I decided to create my own version in my Dina Wakley Journal.

You will have to forgive me, I wasn't the best about taking pictures during this whole process. I started out by choosing several back to back pages that I could use to create my journal shrine.  I cut off the tops of the first two pages in a triangle design, leaving the last page to print my stencil on.  I created a vignette so that my stencil would show thru when the pages lay on top one another. 

I embellished the front denim 'cover' with paint, stitching, and interesting ribbon.  No rhyme or reason, I didn't have a plan in mind.  I just knew I wanted lots of color and skulls.  The second page was glued to the denim to give it more structure and to cover up the thread.

For the stenciled page, I made sure to mark the opening from the first pages so that I knew where to center my Sacred stencil. I watercolored a soft green background and painted the inside portion of the heart (which I eventually cover up later on!)  I wanted different mediums in each part of the stencil, so I used painter's tape to 'block off' sections as I worked.

I used red glitter paste in the heart and gold crackle in the crown and rays.  I decided to add some gold leaf flakes on the rays while the crackle paste was still wet and GENTLY pressed them down so I wouldn't distort the pattern.  It looked like a hot mess & I had no idea if the flakes would even stick!

After letting the crackle paste dry overnight, I used a stiff paint brush to scrub away the excess flakes. This is a messy step but I love how it turned out!

After adding some final embellishments with stickers, stamps, and microbeads, this baby was done! I think it turned out really cool!

I wish I was a better photographer so I could showcase the sparkly glitter and the sheen from the gold leaf.  Have you attempted a technique that you weren't sure would be successful?  I would love to hear about it, so drop by the Artistcellar FB page and say Hi!

Stay safe (& 6' away!)


Hey guys, me again. If you are not familiar with my creative process, there is something you need to know:  I am an intuitive painter. It means that I will start with a thought, a feeling or a slight idea and then will just go from there. I do not plan ahead. For this project, I just knew I wanted to use one of the stencils either from the Tibet series or from the Sacred Heart series.

I started with a canvas that already had some stuff on it, I often do that. It avoids the «blank surface» fear.

I simply started by picking a few colors of acrylic paint an applied them freely on my board. I kept the original thing on one corner... thinking «we will simply see were this goes. I like that corner». I do my best for not overthinking my process : I like it? I keep it. I don’t? I cover it up. Easy.

I love the Old World Maps series because it has intricate lines that are perfect for my backgrounds in general.
I used extra heavy gel molding paste, which is a pretty unique medium. Unlike gel medium, it will dry slightly opaque. I used my Catalyst tool for it but a palette knife or even an old credit/store card work just as well.

Once it’s completely dry, I applied some spray paint. I was curious to see if the gel property would actually create a resist effect. Result: it does not. But that’s okay. You can honestly use a sheer paint or nothing at all at this stage...

Now, for the focus stencil. I used the Sacred Heart: Divine stencil, which is my favorite of the four. I made my own paint using pigments and heavy gel (the gloss). Heavy acrylic paint would be perfect too, it will make the design stand out from the rest of the canvas. I would suggest you take your time to apply it. As you can see, this does not come out perfectly but I am okay with it. If you have any tips and tricks that will help me get a crisp render, please share in the comments. There is always room for improvement !

I really wanted words on this piece. I picked some positive messages from Dina Wakley’s «Word collage pack» which is simply amazing, by the way. I tore them because I don’t like scissors in general and prefer the ragged edges (you do you) and glued them with matte gel medium. I love my art to have a positive impact.

I tend to use oil pastels to add my final touches. I picked contrasting colors and added my signature symbol : three drops.

And voilà ! I really hope this will inspire you to create a meaningful piece of mixed media, something that will make your heart happy.

A few more photos :

Hi There!

I love neon colors and the buttery feel of oil pastels. Have you tried them lately? Oil pastels are a bit messy to work with. However when you use the Immaculate Stencil from the Sacred Heart Series by Artistcellar, you can’t go wrong! It’s just pure fun!

All jokes and puns aside, today I am sharing how I used a stencil as a guide to create with colorful and messy oil pastels.

I found these Super Mix oil pastels by OOLY several years ago. I just learned that this is a woman-owned business out of California with a mission statement I love. “We love creating products that help people of all ages smile, explore their imaginations and express themselves.”

I do believe this fits nicely with the Artistcellar tagline of “Art is not optional.”

Are you ready to have a little fun today? Let’s get creating!

Suggested Supplies:

Step 1:

Lightly trace the stencil openings of the “Immaculate Stencil” with an H pencil. (The H drawing pencils have a harder lead, which allows for light lines and easy erasing, if you choose to do so).

Step 2:

Use a fun set of oil pastels to color in the outside sections of the “Immaculate Stencil”.

See the in process photo below.

Step 3:

Place the stencil back over the lines to see how things are looking.

Also, get ready to add some acrylic paint to the center.

Step 4:

Choose a color of acrylic paint that calls to you.

Put it on your paint palette, and dap into it with a cosmetic wedge.

Apply the paint to the heart in the center of the stencil.

Step 5:

Remove the stencil and have a look.

Step 6:

Use a black pen to follow the white lines of the roses.

Note: If your pen gets oil pastel on the end of it, it will not work as well. Clean off the tip of the pen with a paper towel or a piece of paper.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it helped you to let your creative side out to play!

May you smile, use your imagination, express yourself, and remember that “art is not optional”. Art is a beautiful, wonderful, healing addition to your life and the world!

Sending Blessings,

Briana of


Do you think of a word to focus on for the coming year? Something to remind, motivate, improve or change? If you haven't chosen one yet, here is a project that will give you several options. 

Here's what I used:

To start off I laid out about 10 tags on my work surface and sprayed both sides of the tags with water. (Having the tags damp helps the inks to flow on the surface.) Using the dropper in the cap of the inks, I dripped 3-5 drops of 2-3 colors onto the surface of the tags. Then I carefully stacked them on top of each other and gently pressed down. I used extra tags to wipe up excess ink. You can't leave them stacked to dry or they will be stuck together so carefully peel each tag off the stack and place it on a non-stick craft sheet to dry. You can use a heat gun to speed the process but not too much or it can cause the ink to bubble. 

I used only a portion of each Sacred Heart Stencil to add rays of color to each tag. Then I used a wedge sponge and the Night paint with the Pocket Stencils to add a word to each tag. As a finishing touch I also used the same wedge sponge to add the Night paint around the edges of the tags to create a vignette around the words.

These finished tags can be used in your art, as gifts or turned into a book, wallhanging or mobile. I am leaning towards a mobile and adding quotes to the backs of the tags. A Mantra Mobile!

Happy Creating!