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Hello again!

This week I've been super busy, I launched my first ever solo online class called "The Magic Forest". After all the excitement, I decided to continue working in my Magic Forest journal for this project. 

Today, I'm going to be using: 

To start, I used a Artistcellar Arabian Nights stencil with Adirondack color wash spray. Then, I spritzed the Dylusions spray a few times and let it drip.

Now, we can start layering collage. For this, I used e6000 glue. It's extremely sticky, but it's tough. Since this collage is thicker than normal, matte medium won't be the best choice for it. 

After gluing the collage, I used black pens and acrylic paint to doodle and add splatters.

Then, I applied the Ice Stickles Glitter Glue. The orange peel is AMAZING because it's both orange but with green glitter. It fits in well with the green in my photograph! Then, to finish it all off, I used the Artistcellar Diamond Series stencil with Gold leaf adhesive. When the adhesive had turned clear, I put a sheet of gold leaf on top and used a dry brush to move the excess. 

Ta-da! I LOVE THIS PAGE! It fits right in with my Magic Forest journal.

Speaking of, if you would like to join - the classroom is open now! You can sign up here, (and don't forget to check the description for a early bird special!)


I cannot believe it is already December! This month is always fast for me for the obvious holiday reasons and also it is the month of both my and my husband's birthday! Needless to say, there's a whole lot of gift giving going on, so today I knew I needed to make some tags. 

I love mixed media tags but don't end up getting to make them as often as I would like. They can also be created for art journals and backgrounds. Sometimes it's even fun to make pockets in your art journal with a tag slipped in.

Last month for my Patreon ( I designed and gave away a couple of stencils, so I had these watercolor cards lying around from where I had "tested" the stencil with DecoArt's metallic lustre. I didn't want anything to go to waste, so I cut the paper down into two cute little tag sized pieces. Then, I used Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists and Artistcellar "Quasicrystals" and "Arabian Nights" series stencils

Then, I dried it with a heat gun and added ice stickles glitter glue over the top for extra shine. To finish it, I punched a hole and added some ribbon and even fabric. 

The sky is really the limit with tags, and they're fun to make because they are so small -- you can really make a lot of them in a short amount of time. They make for a great way to experiment with colors and supplies!

Have you heard about the painted rocks? People paint them and then leave them around for strangers to find? I recently found out it was a "thing" and loved the idea right away!

One of my favorite things is "abandoning art" around town for people to find. In fact, at the last First Friday KC I showed up with a purse full of prints and dropped them about the entire evening. It's kind of fun to leave a little trail in a large crowd like that and notice just how fast they get swooped up. 

Sometimes, I drop things around town and simply post a "clue" to its whereabouts online. I've had people send me photos after they discovered and let me tell you, it's awesome for them AND me. So, I set out to paint some rocks. I picked out a few and then cleaned them up with soap and water. It doesn't take long for them to dry if you sit them outside on a sunny day.

Then I picked out a couple of colors and started painting them. Once dry, I decided to add some glitter. Because.... well, GLITTER. Ice stickles glitter glue is perfect for this and pretty much the most non-messy way I've discovered to work with glitter. 

Then, I pulled out some of my Artistcellar pocket stencils to create some designs with Dylusions paint and a little q-tip (it worked perfectly!), and used fine detail brush for edging, highlights and to bring it all together. 

Check out the end result!

Overall, not very time consuming but SUPER FUN to paint some rocks, and I can't wait to scatter them about. I hope they will be something that brightens someone's day... and the world could use more of that, don't you think?

Supplies Used: