The Dollhouse of Many Colors Project with Cristin

Hello again everyone!

Wow! Spring is finally here, and I am ready to take on a huge project.

I actually bought this dollhouse from a seller on Etsy shortly after I got married. So, you know... about 5 years ago. It arrived in approx. 20,496 pieces and was super overwhelming so my husband ended up helping me put it together.

Okay, let's face it. He put it together for me while I organized the 20,496 pieces. 

I started painting it, but never finished it - and so it has sat, in my art studio ever since.

Until today.

This project is probably going to take me awhile, so I figured I would document and photograph it along the way in the form of my Artistcellar Friday posts! Today, I'm giving the front of the house a fresh coat of paint and adding some Artistcellar flair with the Heart Diamond Series Stencil.

I started with Dina Wakely Acrylic in Ocean, on a paintbrush. From there, I also sprayed some DecoArt Media Mister in Carbon Black, Purple and Shimmer Magenta to really get some color pouring and running. Yes, I'm being EXTREMELY messy with this. I'll fuss at it later. For one part of the roof, I also brought in an Artistcellar Third Eye Chakra Pocket Stencil with some modeling paste. I love the effect of modeling paste with stencils and I definitely plan to incorporate some more of that into this house.

That's it for today ! - This thing is soaking with paint and sprays and color galore. It looks pretty crazy right now, but I can't wait to build on this. 

Check back in a couple weeks to see where I take this next! ;)

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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