Using Stencils to draw Sugar Skulls - by Kirsten

When you read this it will be after Halloween but I am in the thick of it as I write this. While I am up to my elbows in pink feathers, yellow paint and cardboard I had a fabulous idea on a new way to use the Cathedral Series stencils and it's a quick little project.

Over the past few weeks I have been teaching my kiddos at school about the Mexican Holiday Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and Calaveras (Sugar Skulls). We have been busy designing our own colorful skulls in paint, paper collage, colored pencil and ink. Sugar skulls are an interesting way to teach SYMMETRY and after making almost a dozen examples during class I was pondering how stencils could make designing a sugar skull easier. So after I went home from school that day I set out my stencils and decided on the Cathedral Series. The results are AWESOME.

In my art journal I used the stencils to create a crown area. Then, using a skull I had laying around for reference (hee hee hee) I sketched out the shape I wanted and inked that in black. 

Now the fun part. Look at your stencils and notice the various shapes created within it and use them to add designs to the skull. The following pictures will show how it progresses.

Awesome, amiright?!

Next comes color and I think I will use this to demonstrate to my students more techniques on how to color with colored pencil. In the meantime I need to wield my glue gun to put the finishing touches on costumes for my four daughters. Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

Happy creating!

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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