We're Going to Wonderland with Cristin!

Hello again!

This week I started a pretty big project. I wanted to turn a vintage vinyl record binder into an art journal. It's a perfect fit, each page around 12 x 12, and it has HUGE POCKETS!

When I finish, it will be an Alice In Wonderland themed altered art book.

How exciting, right?

So, I finished the front cover, but needed something on the inside cover of the book. I picked up a brown paper sack with a handle, (when in Wonderland, you'll likely need a bag to carry home your treasures) and started painting on it with a super shabby layer of white gesso on the top half of the bag. On the bottom half, I applied a layer of DecoArt Media Crackle Paint, and a bit of DecoArt Media Crackle Paste.

With crackle paste, the thicker the layer - the more dramatic cracking effect you will have. That's why I like to apply it with a palette knife. When dried, it makes for some incredible texture!

Once it was completely dry, I randomly sprayed the bag with Dylusions spray in "After Midnight" and "Vibrant Turquoise". Then I grabbed a textured paper towel and mopped up the excess. That paper towel also created its own effect, which I really liked. 

Keep in mind, Dylusions will react with your next layers, so when you spray it - mean it! It has to be something you can live with later. 

From here, I used modeling paste with the Artistcellar "Ocean Waves" stencil. I just scraped the paste through the stencil with a palette knife and then brought in some more white gesso to block out some of the heavy color background for lettering! I also brought in some Dye-Na-Flow in "Midnight Blue" and finished it off with some lettering with a black acrylic paint marker. My marker was quitting on me, so it made the lettering a little splotchy, but I liked that effect here. 

Next, I glued the bag to the inside cover of my book, and I plan to fill it with a fun surprise. Perhaps Alice In Wonderland paper dolls? 


Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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