Cosmic Stardust gift boxes -with Genea

Hello beautiful souls,

Do you ever get inspired by things and have to make art? I'm sure the answer is "yes". I have spent almost the last week working on my new webpage and while I was working on my page I was inspired by the new look. You can't have a new page and sale without some fancy new packaging, right?!  Are you one of those matchy people? Do you like all of your things to go together? I blame my art teachers for drilling all of that stuff into my head (thanks teachers!) So I like to make ALL of the things match. I was contemplating new packaging to match my new style and my new "Cosmic Stardust" boxes were born.

I really loved the colors of my new site background so I started out with some messy splashes of an orchid/pink/lavender watercolor on my boxes.

Next I needed some sparkly in my cosmos so I added some shimmery watercolors. I love how you can see the sparkle in this photo of the wet paint.

No galaxy is complete without stars so on the stars went.

My business name is Third Eye Gypsy so you know the third eye stencil comes next. I even found a little hack if you end up stamping over the edge of your stencil. I added a little bit of masking tape to the right side of my stencil to give me some extra room to be messy.

These boxes were seriously so much fun to make! I used the sizes of boxes I had left on hand which were smaller size boxes and some longer boxes. I tried out 2 designs to see which ones I liked best.

I wanted to see if I liked the third eye outlined to make it stand out a bit so I added some silver paint pen to the outside. WOW! Is that pretty, or what?!

How do you incorporate matching things in your business?

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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