Fun with Sacred Geo 2 and Gelli Plates!

Hello Everyone! This is Briana from with a playful post using the NEW Sacred Geometry 2 Series Stencil Set from Artistcellar!

Have ya’ll explored the wonders of Gelli Plates? Stencils and Gelli Plates go together like bread and jam. You can have one without the other, but they sure make a great combination!

Here are the basic supplies you’ll need to play along:

I am going to apologize in advance. Once one gets started Gelli printing, it’s really hard to stop! You’ll see what I mean, if you decide to play along.

I grouped my experiments into photo collages to save space in this post. I labeled most of the photos to help you see which step the picture represents.

I used the Sacred Geometry 2 Stencils in a few main ways in the first four experiments:

  1. I placed the stencil on the Gelli plate and printed over it
  2. I made a print of the wet (paint is still wet) stencil after removing it from the plate
  3. I cleaned the stencil with a wipe on a separate sheet of paper
  4. I made a print of the Gelli Plate once the stencil was removed (the stencil impression is still visible)

Experiment #1

Here we go with Experiment #1!

As you can see, I used a little too much paint initially, which is why the first print is a little “mushy” (top right in above photo collage).

I guess I was enjoying the color combination (Blick Matte Acrylic-Gold Metallic and Blick Matte Acrylic-Pink Medium) a bit too much! Wait, what? That made orange? Okay, you got me! Orange is my weakness!

The print of the wet stencil is my favorite in this set of experiments (bottom left in above photo collage).

Experiment #2

In Experiment #2, I used Craft Smart-Neon Yellow and Blick Matte Acrylic-Yellow Deep.

After the “normal” print on paper, I decided to grab a sheet of deli paper to clean the stencil onto. Then I ended up flipping the deli paper over to take that final print from the Gelli plate, once the stencil was removed (bottom right in above photo collage).

Experiment #3

In Experiment #3, I used two colors of blue craft acrylic. I also incorporated one of the Gelli Arts Square Edge Tools. I think that edging added a lot to the print (see bottom left in photo collage).

One of my favorite techniques when using the Gelli Plate is to spritz left over paint with water. The print turns out, well kind of watery and mystical. (See bottom right in above photo collage).

Experiment #4

Ah, orange makes me really, really happy! It’s okay if you don’t agree. For me, orange represents creativity and the second chakra. That’s what I think of when I see, wear, or create with the color orange! (Note: The Chakra Series Stencils by Artistcellar are fabulous!)

Again, my favorite in this set of experiments is the print of the wet stencil (bottom right in photo collage-right edge).

Experiment #5

Let’s mix things up a bit by creating a bubble wrap texture on the Gelli Plate before working with a stencil.

I made a print of the textured plate, then dabbed paint through a stencil on top of that print.

This is by far my favorite experiment. To me, this helps to remind me that even artists need a warm-up time, just like athletes, musicians, performers, etc.

That’s not even everything I did, but in the interest of your time, I will sign off and say thank you!

Keep up the good work of playing and having fun with Artistcellar stencils, and maybe some Gelli Plates, too!

See you next time!





Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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March 12, 2016

Hello Denise,
Saying that you “love this post” makes my heart happy! Thanks so much for leaving your comment!
Have a wonderful day!


March 12, 2016

Suzanne, I am so glad you liked the post. Thank you for your kind feedback! Have fun with your stencils and gelli plate!

Suzanne Bracker
Suzanne Bracker

March 08, 2016

Wonderful examples, results and explanations. Thank you so much. I do love the gelli plate. It is addicting.


March 08, 2016

Love this post

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