An Open Heart Letter Fold -by Karen Elaine

For my first post I had a lot of fun using the Sacred Geometry Series with Splash Ink on Mineral paper and I promised you I would save the papers for a future post and here it is!

The mineral paper was first painted with Splash Ink using a brayer. Once the paper was dry I removed color by laying the stencil down and lifting with a sponge. 

Magenta Splash Ink was applied by scrubbing with a stencil brush on the reverse side of the paper.

I lifted the color with a sponge over the Pocket Stencil Words around the edge of the paper. The inside of this area is a perfect place to write a love letter to a friend or yourself.


To make the letter fold start with the pattern side down and fold at an angle at the bottom of the paper.

Fold at an angle in the opposite direction and turn the paper over.

Fold the bottom edge up at the intersection of the last folds. 

Collapse the last folds into a triangle with two flaps on either side and flatten.

Turn the paper around and fold down the top edges to meet the triangle bottom.

Fold the right and left points down to the bottom.

Fold the left and right sides to the center. 

Fold the top right and left sides backwards. 

Fold the top layer bottom up .

Fold and tuck the corner into the pocket on the left side.

Fold and tuck the corner into the pocket on the right side. These last two folds are how the heart stays folded in place. To open the heart, just untuck these two points.

Your heart is complete! (Here is a PDF file diagramming the folds!)

The heart is meant to be opened.

I  applied black archival stamp pad ink with a stencil brush over the Seek stencil to finish the front.


Artistcellar Sacred Geometry Series Stencils

Pocket Stencil Words

Splash Ink, magenta and blue

Mineral Paper cut to 8 1/2” x 11”

stencil brush


Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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Donna May-Brunet
Donna May-Brunet

April 26, 2016

This is just brilliant!!!! Your work is fabulous!!!!!!!!! I love these! and I am going to make some too! Thanks for all the inspiration. ;))


April 06, 2016

SO beautiful! Can’t wait to play with some Mineral paper. Love the origami. Makes me want to take out the books I have and fold paper all day!


March 31, 2016

This is so lovely. Thank you for the stepped out photos and the PDF! You’re a gem!

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