"SEEK Coffee" Painted Mug by Shana

You ever have one of those days? I have had a few for the last 2 weeks, if it’s not one thing it’s another! The only thing keeping me going is COFFEE! My sweet go juice!

I had actually planned writing about a canvas piece I did for the blog post this week along with a video

but somehow I didn’t record it, which means no video -  no process pics! I did however record myself talking on the phone and playing with my puppy for a very long time, it must be because it’s for the April 1st post, blah… but enough griping!

When I went in to edit the video today and found my problem I groaned and got a cup of coffee trying to figure out how I could cram 2 days of work into a few hours, I started a few different journal entries but did not like a single one enough to share and then my light went on! A coffee mug!

I love to paint coffee mugs and the pocket stencils are the perfect size to use on them!

All you need is a mug from the dollar store, enamel paints and an oven! Once the mug has been bake-cured it is dishwasher safe too.

I created a mug using the Artistcellar pocket stencils, the Chakras set and the Creative words set. It is was simple and fun. The process was easy and the whole mug only took 30 minutes to paint with the help of the stencils.

When using the enamels it is best to use multiple light layers when putting the color down, I used a make-up sponge when using the stencils 

lightly dabbing in the brown until the opacity I wanted was achieved. I then used a brush to add the coffee to the mug using multiple layers again.

I then went in and added the contrast color of red over the letters and parts of the Chakras symbols.

The last step was just going over and adding more paint where another layer was needed and adding more details for interest.

And now I have a sassy mug! I purposely ignored perfection on this, I love the imperfect lines and lettering, before I have my coffee in the morning it will look perfect!

Big hugs and mushy stuff!

- Shana Conroy

If you would like to watch the process here is the video!

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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April 02, 2016

Hi Shana,
You made this “intimidating” process look sooooo easy and fun! Thank you for all of the additional info you shared in your video, too! Just as I was thinking of a question, there was the answer in the video!
Nice work!

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