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Hi Everyone! It’s Briana from OrangeSpiralArts.com. I have a question for you. Have you heard of Tammy Garcia’s (aka Daisy Yellow) Index-Card-a-Day challenge? Commonly and lovingly called “ICAD”, this is an art challenge that lasts 61 days, and begins on June 1st. The challenge began in 2011, and you can get a lot more information from Tammy’s convenient ICAD FAQ page. I am the type

of artist who loves an art challenge for the inspiration and push to keep creating on a regular basis. I don’t always follow the “rules”, and that’s totally cool with Tammy.

What I want to share with you today is a simple way to get several index cards created using the fabulous artistcellar stencils! Use this idea to participate in ICAD 2016, or just for fun!

I am demonstrating with the “Sea Fan” and “Fire Coral” stencils from the Coral Series. I am also using Distress Stains by Tim Holtz.

Step 1: Get your supplies ready.

  • index cards
  • artistcellar stencils
  • Distress Stain
  • a roll of paper towels
  • your art journal (optional)

Step 2: Place an index card under the “Sea Fan” stencil.

Step 3: If your Distress Stain is new, get it started on a separate index card. Apply “cracked pistachio” Distress Stain over the stencil and index card.

Step 4: Apply “mermaid lagoon” Distress Stain over the “Sea Fan” stencil and the same index card.

Step 5: Roll a roll of paper towels over the wet ink, keeping the stencil in place.

Step 7: Lift the stencil from the index card to see the cool design.

Now onto the “Fire Coral” stencil.

Step 1: Get your Distress Stain going on that “other” index card.

Step 2: Apply “abandoned coral” Distress Stain to the “Fire Coral” stencil over an index card.

(Note: What’s fun about using the 6x6 artistcellar stencils over an index card is that you can choose which part of the design you want to capture. OOH, and layering designs over one another would be super fun, too!)

Step 3: Soak up that extra ink with your roll of paper towels.

Step 4: Lift the stencil and see your design!

Now you have three index cards started (or completed) in a matter of minutes! Put them in your ICAD collection, take notes on them, or send them in the mail to a friend!

I hope you feel inspired to create with stencils and additional art supplies! Play around and have some fun! Because, “That’s what it’s all about, hey!”

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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June 05, 2016

I am so glad you are excited about ICAD! I will look you up in the Facebook Group.

Jane Schneider
Jane Schneider

May 30, 2016

Thanks a hundred-million-billion ! I did not know about this exciting adventure and after reading your article I ran to add my name to the list. Can’t wait to get started – the creative wheels are spinning.

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