Design Team Call

AC Design Team

We're looking for a couple artists to round out our next Design Team! One requirement besides being an awesome artist: that you have a blog where we can see your artwork AND your writing style.

If interested, send an email to Lisa at

Explain why you want to be on the AC Design Team and include links to your blog/artwork (points for good grammar and spelling Artistcellar right!). Please be sure to put "Design Team" in the subject line so we don't miss your submission!

If accepted:

  • AC Design Team is a 6 month commitment.
  • Two posts a month on the AC blog.
  • Lots of Artistcellar freebies provided!

Artistcellar Admin
Artistcellar Admin


2 Responses


February 13, 2016

How awesome. This would be a fun experience.

Kay Wallace
Kay Wallace

January 09, 2016

What a wonderful opportunity!

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