Introducing... Shana Conroy!

EEEeeek! I am so psyched! I am excited to be a part of the Artistcellar  Design team! I have been nosing around the social media of the other gals and I can’t believe the talent that Lisa has found and I doubly can’t believe I am part of this talented group!

Ok enough gushing! I am Shana Conroy, aka Shana Banana aka Shana Bird aka Wisccheeto. I have gained many nicknames in my life but those are the ones that stuck!

I am a lifelong artist, I was previously a Documentation Engineer but gave it up to pursue art full time. The artistic talents in my family are huge and music and art have always been a part of our upbringing.

I am also so lucky to be a part of the Admin team for the Artful Journeys Facebook art journal group and Artful Chicks blog. I am the slacker in the group, but fortunately they love me and I never fail to be inspired by the other Admins.

I have done a lot of different types of art, there are actually people out there with my artwork on them permanently, I am NOT a tattoo artist but have designed many tattoos and still am in shock when someone wants my art on their body forever.

I have done multiple wall murals; I have also been a big part of a few weddings, I have been a photographer, florist, make-up artist, decoration specialist and hair stylist, anything creative I can do, and hey pay me for it!! I love when a customer wants a painting and they just give me a few words to base it on, this one the words were “Autumn” and “Owl”, I had so much fun creating it!

But my true love is mixed media.

I love to art journal, and try new products, styles and processes. I love to work without a plan and see what wants to come out

getting my hands and clothes full of paint only seems to feed my creative muse, SHE MUST BE FED! Haha!

One of my favorite ways to share art is through videos! I love to record my process as well as use it for review of ways to grow my talents, I am lucky enough to have my talented husband Tim Conroy and my cousin who goes by Pretahunter make the original music used in my videos. Here is a video I did so you can see my favorite way to share!

I hope that you enjoy my work and I can inspire you to create and get your hands dirty!

Big hugs and mushy stuff!!

Shana banana!

Look me up anywhere by searching for ‘wisccheeto’! I am on most social platforms!

And Prints and products of my artwork can be found on Zazzle and Society6 just look me up by my name.

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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Lynn Jackson
Lynn Jackson

February 19, 2016

I am so happy for you Shana but certainly not surprised. You have many talents.
Love to you and good luck!


February 19, 2016

Shana Banana! We have the “banana” nickname in common, though my actual name does not rhyme with “banana”!
I love your energy and playfulness.
Thanks for sharing!
Briana (pronounced “Bree-on-uh”) : )

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