An Inchie Quilt with Stencils and Prints -by Kirsten

Today I bring you a final project using the delicious gelli-printed inchie squares (for now...bwahahaha!) If we look back, my first paper quilt used larger squares on a medium sized surface. Then I pushed the idea further by using smaller squares on a larger canvas. This third project was in part inspired by the fact that I had a multitude of squares leftover and knowing if I stashed them away they would certainly be forgotten. Amiright? Another inspiration was the fact that the designs of two of the new stencils from the Blocks series, Open Work and Deco, were perfectly sized to work with one inch squares! I grabbed my art journal, the stencils, Dina Wakely's white paint, some Mod Podge (or Ranger's Multi-Medium would work beautifully as well) and my little squares and got to work.

After finding a nice empty black page patiently waiting to be adorned I applied the designs of the stencils to the background with white paint and a sponge. Then I tossed my squares down and started shifting them around until I got a pleasant arrangement. This was very therapeutic for me which was exactly what I needed since I recently returned to my job as an elementary art teacher and it's been hectic and awesome all wrapped up together.

When an order was decided upon I glued my squares down with Mod Podge using a foam brush and making sure I had a layer of glue underneath as well as on top of the squares.

My finished page has all my beautiful squares lined up quite neatly. Sometimes I get messy with my artwork but there are times when I need order and simple beauty to fulfill my creative side. It felt good to just make something that was pleasing to look at and used up a supply I didn't want to be forgotten. Plus, anytime I am able to create something in my art journal is a great day.

After writing this post I am inspired to write these thoughts on the page in my art journal so I can remember the beautiful inspiration I had. I most likely will use my trusty fine tip Sharpie Poster-Paint pen.

Here's to working an idea more than once and seeing what magic happens when you create a series! Monet did it with Haystacks and van Gogh painted over 30 self-portraits. Don't be nervous about creating multiples of one thing, you will pleased to see what happens both in your craftsmanship and your interpretation of the subject matter.

Happy Creating!

Lisa Cousineau
Lisa Cousineau


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October 24, 2016


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